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Dice and countersTeaching children to understand the importance of hand washing isn’t always easy, but one way of making learning about hygiene fun is to play our hand washing games with them. Filled with clever ways to make sure the important info sticks, our downloadable games will ensure that pesky germs don’t win. Let our hand washing game make sure “helping hands” are not dirty hands.

Helping Hands board game

This is a fun “Snakes and Ladders” style game. Roll the dice and see if you can be the first to reach the end of the game!

  • You’ll need a dice and counters for all players and a print off of the Helping hands board game (PDF) (care note: remind your child not to put the counter in their mouths!)
  • Place all counters on the hands square at the top of the game.
  • Take it in turns to throw the die and count the spots
  • Then move along the appropriate number of places.
  • Take your time and talk about each of the pictures – what do they show? Why is handwashing is important? When is handwashing important before or after what’s shown in the picture? The winner is the player who lands on the last square first!
Download Helping Hands Board Game

Did you know?

  • "Handwashing is one of the most important ways of preventing the spread of illness"

  • "Regular hand washing can reduce absenteeism amongst school children"

  • "Our hands carry a mixture of both good and bad bacteria"

  • "Most of the bacteria our hands pick up live on fingertips and under our nails"

  • "Washing with water alone doesn't guarantee that bad bacteria are removed"

  • "Good bacteria act as our personal shield against unwanted bacteria"

  • "Many bacteria can survive on surfaces for several months"

  • "The skin has its own natural defences against bad bacteria"


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