Hand washing songs

Songs are a fantastic way to pass the time with kids, and help remember important things. As experts in hygiene and hand-washing, we’ve turned our teachings into fun songs that will make sure your children wash their hands properly after messy, active play.

Download the songs and sing them together with your kids, along with the mime actions, and they’ll pick up these important hand hygiene lessons in no time. 

Wash Them Well Hand Washing Song
Squirt Squirt Squirt Hand Washing Song
Tell Me Have You Washed Your Hands Hand Washing Song
Humpty Dumpty Washed His Hands Hand Washing Song


Did you know?

  • "Handwashing is one of the most important ways of preventing the spread of illness"

  • "Regular hand washing can reduce absenteeism amongst school children"

  • "Our hands carry a mixture of both good and bad bacteria"

  • "Most of the bacteria our hands pick up live on fingertips and under our nails"

  • "Washing with water alone doesn't guarantee that bad bacteria are removed"

  • "Good bacteria act as our personal shield against unwanted bacteria"

  • "Many bacteria can survive on surfaces for several months"

  • "The skin has its own natural defences against bad bacteria"


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