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Carex hand washesNo 1. hand wash in the UK

Carex is the UK’s number 1 hand wash brand. We care for millions of hands every day, and our product range caters for all kinds of situations, needs and skin types.

Carex Original hand wash launched in 1994, and was the first antibacterial liquid hand wash in the UK. Carex then grew so popular that it didn’t take long for Carex Aloe Vera hand wash to come along providing extra moisturising care for all our customers. 

Then in 1998, we were the first to launch hand sanitizer in the UK too. Carex has since gone from strength to strength, and we now have a full range of high quality, effective products to suit every occasion and need for the busy lives we all lead.


Carex Original Hand Wash

Our products

All our products, from our classic Original Hand Wash to our Gels, Wipes and Creams, leave your hands feeling hygienically clean and cared for, so that you and your family don’t have to worry about germs and can get on with having fun.

All our hand washes are proudly made in the UK, where our dedicated team of ‘CareXperts’ develop, test and strive for the best so we remain your Number 1 Hand Care Brand. 


Inside the Carex labInside Carex

Inside our laboratories, our CareXperts are always tirelessly working behind the scenes.

With the help of cutting-edge equipment, the CareXperts develop all our hand washes in house using all our great scientific expertise.



Testing products in the Carex laboratoryDid you know?

It took 78,000 squirts (or pumps) to develop our new Carex Complete Hand wash and 390 hours to develop and test

During development, 92 suspension tests, testing for antibacterial efficacy against a total of 10 different strains of bacteria were completed

158 panellists were asked to wash their hands on at least 2 occasions per day over a 1 week period during consumer panel test

During product development, our scientists wash hands on over 2000 occasions to test their efficacy



Hands Up For Hygiene


Hands Up For Hygiene logo

Our schools programme, helping school kids learn how, when and why they need to wash their hands.

Did you know?

  • "Handwashing is one of the most important ways of preventing the spread of illness"

  • "Regular hand washing can reduce absenteeism amongst school children"

  • "Our hands carry a mixture of both good and bad bacteria"

  • "Most of the bacteria our hands pick up live on fingertips and under our nails"

  • "Washing with water alone doesn't guarantee that bad bacteria are removed"

  • "Good bacteria act as our personal shield against unwanted bacteria"

  • "Many bacteria can survive on surfaces for several months"

  • "The skin has its own natural defences against bad bacteria"


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